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Remanufactured Engines
Fully Remanufactured Engine Assemblies
Expert Craftsmanship
OEM Quality Parts
Warranty *
Engines are Fully Crated
Updated to run on Unleaded Fuel
Sold Outright or Exchange
*Call for Details

All New Parts
Including pistons, rings, valves*, main bearings, rod bearings, cam bearings,
valve lifters*, rocker nuts and swivels, timing chains, cam sprocket and crank gear, camshaft, oil pump*, and all gaskets and seals required for installation.

Precision Machining Processes
Engine block cylinder walls are bored and power honed, cylinder head mating surface and block mating surface are machined, engine block is line honed, crankshaft is magna-fluxed, turned and polished, connecting rods are resized and balanced in sets, rocker arms are
re-machined, valve guides and valve seat areas are re-machined.
Note: most but not all engines have the same parts and machining processes, please call for details
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